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What is in our solid cologne?!

We often get asked how we make our little tins of scented wonder?! Well, it's a mixture of magic, hard work and months of development. What we often forget to tell people, is the benefits it has for your skin ...  above and beyond smelling great all day long!

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To travel is to live...our Taipei adventures.

A wise man once said that to travel is to live… Our product is made for travel, it explores the world in its ingredients, its form, and of course in each of our scents names telling a story of their inspirations from all corners of the globe.  So its quite fitting really that, with a nod to the exporting history of the Kingston Docks on the River Clyde, our product has found its way onto a ship to the magnificent city of Taipei. Sitting on the northern tip of Taiwan, this 300 year old city is a vibrant capital with an eclectic mix of Chinese, Japanese and Western influences in its food, culture, folk arts and architecture. Now add M.V...

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Top 5 "Must Haves" for the travelling gent...

Winters coming, and the summer holidays are becoming a distant memory. So if you’re anything like us here at MVK, you’ll be thinking of jumping on a plane somewhere for a bit of a break. Here’s our list of top five must-have’s for that city break! 1. Notebook Yep, its old school. But how often does that phone run out of battery when travelling? When you get chatting to a local in a bar and want to write down the address of that restaurant, bar… or if you’re lucky, the phone number of a charming local. Writing is good for the soul they say. The Moleskin Notebook is the perfect journal to take with you, it comes handy with a...

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Knowing Your Nose - MV Kingston's Guide to Describing Scents

We can all agree that MV Kingston smells great. We can also all agree that you’ll be fighting off the compliments when wearing either Himachal, Port Righ or Koln. But, how do you make sure you hit the right notes when you explain just what it is that’s making you smell so great? Luckily for you the answer is easy, use our glossary below to make sure you sound like a connoisseur. Accord - MV Kingston’s scents are made up of a balanced blend of several perfume ingredients to form a fragrance. Chypre - First used by Francois Coty to described the aromas he found on the island of Cyprus, classic chypre fragrances have fresh citrus notes over an earthy...

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