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To travel is to live...our Taipei adventures.

A wise man once said that to travel is to live… Our product is made for travel, it explores the world in its ingredients, its form, and of course in each of our scents names telling a story of their inspirations from all corners of the globe. 

So its quite fitting really that, with a nod to the exporting history of the Kingston Docks on the River Clyde, our product has found its way onto a ship to the magnificent city of Taipei. Sitting on the northern tip of Taiwan, this 300 year old city is a vibrant capital with an eclectic mix of Chinese, Japanese and Western influences in its food, culture, folk arts and architecture. Now add M.V Kingston to that mix!

We recently starting stocking in the ‘Good 4 It’ chain of street wear outlets across the city of Taipie where Mok and his team offer the gentlemen of the city the most premium grooming products from around the world, we’re looking forward to hearing how the good people of Taiwan enjoy their new solid colognes and a new approach to their daily grooming! 

Designed for travel, our little compact tins of cologne themsleves are taking the journey to the Far East. The adventure continues…

If you are interested in stocking M.V Kingston, please contact us at