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Solid Cologne & MV Kingston

So you’ve found your way to our site. You’ve had a look at our products. You’ve found your way to our blog. You are a visionary.

However, unless you’re even more of a visionary than you have already proved by finding us in the first place, you’ll probably be wondering what solid cologne is. And, almost definitely, what MV Kingston is.

Solid cologne has been around since the Ancient Egyptians. They used it as an ointment to treat wounds and grazes before it quickly developed into a hygiene product. For some reason, and we at MV Kingston struggle to think of a single legitimate one, the use of it died out.  

Strangely, we didn’t see a resurgence of solid cologne in any of the (very many) years in between - apart from a horrible spell in the 1970s when there were a lot of nasty solid perfumes available for women.  

The portability of solid cologne, the fact it’s steady-wearing, cool and leaves you feeling and smelling fresh from the convenience of your pocket means that it’s time for a comeback. The gentlemen of today need a product like solid cologne; something that’s new, exciting, no fuss and bloody cool.

MV Kingston is the company at the vanguard of solid cologne. MV Kingston is bringing solid cologne to the forefront of men’s grooming. You should be part of the resurgence.