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Top 5 "Must Haves" for the travelling gent...

Winters coming, and the summer holidays are becoming a distant memory. So if you’re anything like us here at MVK, you’ll be thinking of jumping on a plane somewhere for a bit of a break. Here’s our list of top five must-have’s for that city break!

1. Notebook

Yep, its old school. But how often does that phone run out of battery when travelling? When you get chatting to a local in a bar and want to write down the address of that restaurant, bar… or if you’re lucky, the phone number of a charming local. Writing is good for the soul they say. The Moleskin Notebook is the perfect journal to take with you, it comes handy with a little internal pouch to keep safe travel documents… you never know; you may even get a chance to start your memoirs!


3. Smell good on the go…


Did you see this one coming? Of course you did. MV Kingston Solid Cologne is keeps you smelling fresh on the go. Unlike conventional aftershaves, it can sit in your pocket whilst flying and when your hopping off that plane you’re smelling great. Also, when you’re out and about, it’ll also increase your chances of getting that phone number!

3. Upgrade your snaps


No trip is complete without making your friends jealous on Instagram! Release your inner Ansel Admas with this nifty little piece of kit which retrofits onto your regular smartphone camera to turn it into a DSLR lens! Without the bulk.

4. Travel Shave Kit

Being away from home is not a reason to neglect the daily grooming ritual. This unscented travel kit will allow you to be kind to your skin whilst out of town. Tee-ing up for your post shave application of MV Kingston.

5. Where dos it all go?!


Traveling with a cabin bag is becoming ever more common, but why sacrifice style with you suave outfit being ruined by “rolling” like the rest of them. This functional, yet stylish holdall from Ted Baker will make you stand out from the crowds. Mr Baker was also founded in our dear home Glasgow, *MVK tips hat!*.