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Our Story

MV Kingston is the crystallisation of a desire of two friends from Glasgow, Scotland who demanded more from their aftershave. Tired of confiscated aftershave bottles at airport security and smelling the same as everyone else in the bar, Simon and Andrew set out to create cologne suitable for the 21st Century.

Simon & Andrew take up the story...

"Spurred on by a shared passion of doing things better by doing things differently, we selected ingredients of the highest quality and through plenty of trial, error and creative experimentation our first solid cologne was crafted.

Realising the desire among our friends and colleagues for an ultra-portable and boutique scent, we began producing solid cologne from Simon’s flat. Solid cologne has been around since the Ancient Egyptians so it’s ironic that the product best suited to today’s world stems from an idea in such the distant past. Little did our friends and colleagues know, they had become MV Kingston’s early pioneers.

We quickly recognised the wider appetite for our product, and the brand was developed and road-tested at urban and street markets across the UK until the products and scents were constantly refined by you, the user, to the point MV Kingston was born and had become what it set out to be; Solid Cologne For The Modern Man.  

MV Kingston offers three different scents. Each scent draws on our experiences of travelling the world and reflects the outposts travelled to in order to secure the highest quality ingredients for our scents."