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The Trio

M.V Kingston

The Trio

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Our three scents. In one package. To celebrate our launch, we're offering the Trio at a discounted price of £34.99, you lucky devils!

Our solid colognes bring a new approach to your daily grooming routine. Harnessing a natural, moisturising product in the form of African shea butter and skin-softening, anti-bacterial properties from our British bees harvested beeswax MV Kingston lets you travel, apply at will and always smell fresh as well as keeping your skin hydrated, soft and protected. All from the convenience of your pocket.

MV Kingston is convenient, easy to use and long lasting; you’ll be left wondering where solid cologne has been all this time.

Designed to be with you wherever you are MV Kingston allows you to freshen up at anytime by simply running your finger over the cologne and applying to your pulse points, and then keep moving. Our solid cologne is constructed to be at its most perfectly pliable when kept on your person all day every day.